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About Your Veterinarian in Greensboro

At West Market Veterinary Hospital, we're committed to your pet's continued good health and wellness. As a full-service veterinarian in Greensboro, we can give your pet the care he or she needs from birth through the end of life. We encourage all pet owners of our community to take their pets to the Greensboro animal hospital at least once annually for a full wellness exam and preventative services. From the very young to the elderly, from pocket pets to cats and dogs, we help the animals of Greensboro and the surrounding community to stay healthy and happy.

Proud to Be Family Owned and Operated

Our skilled veterinary doctors provide diagnostics, pet dental services, wellness exams, and a variety of other services to pets in the community.

Our veterinarians have years of experience in their field and know how to recognize symptoms of illness, provide healing from injuries and provide necessary preventative care. In addition, our experienced and organized staff members treat all our pet patients as if they were family. It's our goal to ensure that our pets are comfortable and well cared for at our clinic.

Offering a Comprehensive Range of Services

We offer a range of services to pets in Greensboro!

Preventative care. Preventative care is important for your pet's continued health and wellness in Greensboro. At West Market Veterinary Hospital, we provide preventative services like pet dental care, wellness exams, spaying and neutering services, and vaccinations. Taking your pet in for preventative care at least once annually can help us catch serious medical conditions in their early stages. Ultimately, preventative care can improve your pet's quality of life and even extend your pet's lifespan.

Surgical services. We offer surgical services to pets that need to be spayed or neutered. We also extend our surgical services to pets that are injured or suffering from serious medical conditions.

Emergency care. Our life-saving emergency care services can heal pets experiencing a range of emergencies, from ingestion of a toxic substance to serious injury.

Boarding. When pet owners leave town, they need to send their pets somewhere safe while they're away. That's why we provide boarding services for cats and dogs in our community. We help pets get the care they need while their owners are gone.

Grooming. Our grooming services help cats and dogs stay trim and clean, so they can look and feel their best!

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As your pet's Greensboro animal hospital, we provide the services your pet needs to live a full and healthy life. For more information about our clinic, or to make an appointment with one of our veterinarians, contact us today at (336) 292-4753.

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