Spay & Neuter Services

Caring for a pet and bringing a dog or cat into your family requires veterinary care. A key consideration after bringing an animal into your home is whether to go through spaying or neutering the animal. In most cases, pet surgery to prevent pregnancy is an important part of keeping a pet health.

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Why Consider Spaying or Neutering?

When a veterinary professional spays or neuters a pet, he or she takes measures to limit potential health risks and concerns. At West Market Veterinary Hospital, we use up-to-date strategies to keep your pet healthy during and after the surgical procedure. We monitor your pet closely and call you with an update after surgery. 

The reasons pet owners consider the treatment include:

  • Managing animal populations
  • Avoiding a pet pregnancy, which may have several potential complications
  • Eliminating heat cycles in female pets
  • Improving certain pet behaviors, such as aggressiveness or wandering off in males
  • Lower risk of certain cancers
  • Better long-term health in many pets

Spaying and neutering plays an important role in pet health. A Greensboro spay and neuter surgery maintains a pet's health throughout his or her life. It also prevents inconvenient behaviors from pets as they age or go through specific cycles. Pet owners also prevent pet pregnancies, which reduces population concerns.

Caring After Treatment

After spaying or neutering a pet, the owner may need to take measures to limit health risks during the initial recovery. A pet needs rest for the first days at home and should not go through any rigorous exercise routines until recommended by a veterinary professional. Keep a pet calm for a few days to one week after the procedure for initial healing and recovery.

In most cases, pets start healing within a few days of treatment. When pet owners have concerns about infections or re-opening an incision due to exercise or specific activities, discuss the situation with our team. We take measures to limit the risks and offer advice for pet owners during the initial days of recovery.

When to Visit a Spay and Neuter Clinic in Greensboro

Visiting a spay and neuter clinic in Greensboro ultimately depends on personal preferences and concerns. As a general rule, we recommend an initial consultation and visit during the first six to eight weeks of a puppy or kitten's life. During the consultation, we evaluate a pet's health and make specific recommendations based on the pet's needs. 

For female pets, it is not necessary to wait until after the first heat cycle to consider surgery. Clinical studies show that spaying females before they experience a heat cycle significantly reduces the risk of breast cancers later in life. Preventing certain health concerns in males can be done between 6 months to 5 years of age. Behavior issues in males can begin as they become adolescents and neutering before 1 year of age is recommended in these cases.

Spaying and neutering is an important part of keeping your pets healthy and active. While the specific needs of any pet may vary, most animals benefit from the procedure. For more information or an appointment at West Market Veterinary Hospital, contact us today.


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