Senior Pet Care

Senior pets face challenges related to their age that impact their daily lives and activities. As a dog, cat or pet ages, he or she may experience health complications, physical pain or even just a lack of energy. By taking measures to encourage graceful aging, you help improve your pet's quality of life. At a Greensboro animal hospital, a professional helps you identify the right solutions for your pet's needs.

senior cat after senior pet care with Greensboro veterinarian

Basic Care at Home

While you want to discuss treatments and the maintenance of a pet's health with a veterinarian, you also need to provide an environment that helps your pet stay healthy and active. Start with finding an appropriate food for your pet's age. As a general rule, pets move into middle age around 7 to 10 years old. They become seniors after reaching 10 years old, even if they are a small breed. Larger dogs or pets may age at a faster rate when compared to smaller breeds.

Along with a healthy diet, you want to encourage your pets to stay active. Take dogs out for a walk or keep a cat healthy by playing games. Encourage dogs to swim, particularly if they have arthritis. Regular exercise keeps older pets healthy and active. You also want to pet, brush and connect with your dog or cat because it maintains and strengthens the bond between a pet and his or her owner, which helps with health maintenance.

Getting a Senior Pet Wellness Exam in Greensboro

Along with basic care at home, you want to consider a senior pet wellness exam in Greensboro. At the West Market Veterinary Hospital, we offer treatments to keep your pets healthy and active as they age. We also use up-to-date diagnostic tools to catch health concerns at an early age.

Senior pet care requires proper preventative solutions to limit complications and encourage long-term health. We also identify potential concerns like arthritis, which helps a pet owner determine the appropriate way to handle mobility challenges that may arise as your pet ages. The exam gives professionals in a Greensboro animal hospital the tools to diagnose health concerns or help pet owners make adjustments to a pet's daily routine for better health and well-being.

When to Talk to a Veterinarian in Greensboro

You want to talk to a veterinarian in Greensboro about an aging pet before he or she faces health concerns. By discussing the situation early, you help a veterinarian identify a baseline for your pet's health and start developing a long-term plan to help your pet age gracefully. Veterinarians also make suggestions based on your pet's specific needs to ensure that you offer the right balance of exercise, physical contact with your pet and proper diet for a high quality of life.

Keeping your pet healthy while he or she ages is an important part of bonding with your pet. To learn more about senior pet care in our clinic or for an appointment with a veterinarian, call (336) 292-4753 today.


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