Dog Vaccines

The best way to prevent your dog from contracting contagious diseases is by administering the recommended core dog vaccinations. Vaccines prevent your dog from falling ill when exposed to certain diseases by injecting them with a substance which contains antigens to trigger an immune response within the body. These antigens resemble different viruses, but do not actually make your pet ill. When your pet encounters the real virus in the world, his or her body's immune system will recognize it and fight it off right away without your pet ever falling ill. Our veterinarian in Greensboro provides a complete menu of recommended core canine vaccines and non-core vaccines which are administered on an elective basis. dog vaccinations from our veterinarian in greensboro

Common Core Canine Vaccines

Core canine vaccines include those which our veterinarians recommend for all dogs because they guard against extremely common and contagious diseases and some diseases which can be transferred to humans. These core vaccines protect against illnesses including:

  • Rabies - The rabies vaccine protects dogs from contracting rabies from other dogs or wild animals. Rabies vaccination is required by law for all dogs due to its extremely contagious and zoonotic nature. 
  • DHPP - A combination core vaccine, DHPP protects your dog from distemper, canine hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus. Each of these diseases is highly contagious and extremely dangerous to your dog's health and well-being. 

Non-core canine vaccines include vaccinations for diseases to which dogs are only exposed in particular situations such as kennel cough. They also include vaccinations for certain parasite-borne illnesses such as leptospirosis, Lyme disease, heartworm, and bordetella. 

Understanding Your Dog's Vaccination Schedule

During your puppy's first wellness exam, our veterinarian will administer his or her first vaccinations, if your puppy is old enough to receive them. We will also discuss and establish your new puppy's vaccination schedule, as puppies require initial vaccinations and booster shots to ensure they are properly protected. Your dog's vaccination schedule will look something like this:

  • 6 to 8 Weeks - Parainfluenza, distemper, and measles
  • 10 to 12 Weeks - DHPP
  • 12 to 24 Weeks - Rabies
  • 14 to 16 Weeks - DHPP
  • 12 to 16 Months - Rabies and DHPP Booster

After the rigorous puppy vaccination schedule, adult dogs receive DHPP and rabies boosters every one to two years or one to three years, respectively. 

Schedule Your Dog's Wellness Appointment at Our Greensboro Animal Hospital

Maintaining your dog's vaccinations ensures he or she remains healthy, giving your pet the best chance at living a long, happy life. We encourage all dog owners to keep their pets' vaccinations up to date. If you have yet to bring your puppy in for a new pet consultation or your adult dog in for his or her annual wellness exam, contact our Greensboro animal hospital at (336) 292-4753 to schedule a check up. We look forward to welcoming you, your pets, and your family to our office for top quality veterinary care in a warm environment.


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