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As a pet owner, you've probably heard that pet vaccines are important for your pet's continued health and well-being. At West Market Veterinary Hospital in Greensboro NC, we try hard to educate pet owners about the true benefit of pet vaccines and how vaccines work. Understanding these details help ensure that pet owners in Greensboro will bring in their pets for vaccinations.

cat and dog after receiving pet vaccines from Greensboro Veterinarian

Benefits of Pet Vaccinations With Your Greensboro Veterinarian

There are many reasons to bring your pet in for vaccinations. Below are some of the most important benefits of pet vaccines:

  • Immunity to a variety of common illnesses and deadly diseases. Vaccines work by triggering an immune response without actually causing illness in your pet. This helps build your pet's immune system and prevents your pet from contracting the real disease in the event that he or she is exposed to the virus.

  • Improved quality of life. With improved immunity comes improved quality of life, as vaccinations can help ensure that your pet is healthier overall.

  • Public health and safety. The rabies vaccine helps stop the spread of rabies throughout the animal population, which can also help protect the local human population.

  • Reduced veterinary bills. If your pet is sick less often, he or she may need fewer visits to the vet. This can help save you money.

Difference Between Core and Non-Core Vaccinations

Dog vaccinations and cat vaccinations are divided into two groups: core and non-core. Core vaccinations are the vaccinations that are given to all pets regardless of their lifestyle. Common core vaccines include the rabies vaccine, because all pets are at risk for contracting rabies.

Non-core vaccines are only given to pets whose behaviors and lifestyle put them at risk for contracting certain diseases. Examples of non-core vaccines include parainfluenza and Lyme disease for dogs and bordetella for cats. As a pet owner, you won't be expected to know which vaccines are best for your pet. Your pet's veterinarian at West Market Veterinary Hospital can recommend the core and non-core vaccines that can help your pet stay healthy.

When to Get Your Pet Vaccinated

Your pet should be vaccinated for the first time when he or she reaches about 6 weeks of age. Following that, we'll give you a pet vaccination schedule and help you schedule boosters and additional vaccinations as needed. Pets need to come in several times in their first year of life just to get vaccinated. After the first year, the number of vaccinations lessens significantly.

Contact Your Pet's Veterinarian in Greensboro

As a Greensboro animal hospital, West Market Veterinary Hospital recommends that all pet owners in the area vaccinate their pets. Vaccinations are important for the health and safety of pets as well as pet owners. If your pet has yet to be vaccinated, it's not too late. Pets can benefit from vaccinations at any time and at any stage of life. Contact us today to make an appointment.


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