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Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Boarding at West Market Veterinary Hospital

If you've never endured a lengthy separation from your beloved pet before, you may be full of questions and concerns about your options for keeping him safe and well in your absence -- including the prospect of pet boarding. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions on this subject at West Market Veterinary Hospital.

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Why should I board my pet instead of simply having a friend or neighbor visit him daily?

That daily visit by your friend or neighbor may only be a few minutes in duration, leaving your pet all alone the rest of the time. This not only means that he might fall prey to some medical emergency with no one to witness the problem, but it might also make him feel as if he's been abandoned.

What are the emotional benefits of boarding my pet?

Many pets experience separation anxiety when they're left alone for extended periods, and this discomfort can lead to destructive behaviors. Our Greensboro veterinary boarding facility surrounds your pet with the companionship of humans and other animals, helping to prevent separation anxiety.

How does veterinary boarding benefit my pet's health?

If your pet needs regular medication or medical supervision, boarding him at our veterinary facility is the responsible step to take. Either veterinarian on our team can watch over your pet's condition and ensure that he receives whatever ongoing care he needs. If your pet is due for a particular preventative procedure, you can arrange to have it performed during your pet's stay. We can even schedule pet bathing and grooming services on request.

What other amenities will my pet enjoy at West Market Veterinary hospital?

We offer high-quality food, a comfortable environment, exercise/playtime periods, and personal care and attention from our staff. Cats get their own separate area so they can have the quieter, more peaceful ambiance they prefer.

What preparations do I need to make before scheduling a boarding stay?

You'll need to make sure that your pet is up to date on all necessary vaccinations -- which may include elective vaccinations against communicable diseases such as kennel cough. Booking your pet's stay well in advance is a wise move, just to be certain that we will have a space waiting for him when he needs it.

Our Greensboro Clinic Can Answer Your Pet Boarding Questions

Are you ready to learn more about the advantages of boarding your pet at West Market Veterinary Hospital? Call (336) 292-4753 to talk to either veterinarian at our Greensboro clinic -- and then schedule your pet's first stay today.


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