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If you've ever been left all alone by your loved ones for an extended period of time, then you can imagine how your pets feel when you must go away on vacation, attend a faraway business meeting or undergo a lengthy hospital stay. But even if you can't take your special friends with you, you can still rest easy knowing that they're receiving the best possible care and attention from a trusted veterinary team. Here at West Market Veterinary Hospital, we're happy to provide pet boarding for Greensboro pets just like yours.

dog and cat in pet boarding with a Greensboro veterinarian

Why Board Your Pet at Our Greenboro Animal Hospital?

You many have known people who were satisfied to leave their pets alone in the house for days at a time, arranging for brief daily visits and feedings by a trustworthy friend or relative. But this minimalist approach isn't good for pets. For one thing, the isolation can cause intense feelings of abandonment anxiety, causing some animals to destroy furnishings or even try to run out of the house when the door opens. Additionally, there's always the chance of disaster striking while no one is there to notice or respond. This is especially true for pets with medical conditions who require regular medications and monitoring. 

First-Class Care from Your Greensboro Veterinarian

Greensboro pet boarding at our veterinary clinic is not only the medically responsible thing to do for your pet, it also ensures that he will feel comfortable and cared for in your absence. Your Greensboro veterinarian, Dr. Elizabeth Murray or Dr. Ron Murray, is on hand to make certain your pet gets his meds on schedule, and to respond to any health situations that might require immediate treatment. This reassurance alone would make cat or dog boarding at our animal hospital worthwhile.

But your pets also gain in other ways from their stay at West Market Veterinary Hospital. We provide comfortable, climate-controlled accommodations, regular exercise, and of course plenty of attention and affection from our animal-loving staff. At the same time, we respect the temperament and personality of each individual animal. Cats, for instance, require a certain amount of peace and quiet in order to be happy, so we provide a separate, serene environment for our feline guests.

Your pet can also receive bathing and grooming services during his boarding stay. These services include a soothing bath, ear cleaning, brushing, blow-drying, anal gland expression and nail trimming. You'll return to find a happy, healthy, nice-smelling and beautifully-groomed pet waiting for you.

Contact Us Today to Learn More!

Now that you see the value of our Greensboro pet boarding service, take steps to schedule your pet's boarding stay as far ahead of time as possible. This not only helps you ensure a reservation during busy periods such as the holidays, but it also gives us time to provide any necessary pre-boarding care such as vaccination updates. Call us today!


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    I am very happy with both the office staff and the drs here. They’re patient and kind and helpful. They really care about the pets and what’s best for them.

    Kimberly A Plum

    I had a great experience here. Dr. Ron took the time to answer my long list of questions about my cats, was very knowledgeable, and explained everything clearly.

    Kaity Aigner