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Allergy Treatment At West Market Veterinary Hospital

Dealing with a pet allergy can be an exasperating process if you are unsure about how to handle the treatment of symptoms displayed. Making a call to West Market Veterinary Hospital in Greensboro to meet with our Vet is an option to ensure your pet receives the proper care when they are suffering from a pet allergy. Here is some information about common pet allergies so you are aware of the symptoms and treatment options available.

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How Animals Get Allergies

Pets like cats and dogs get allergies in the same manner that their owners do. If a pet's body tries to eliminate a trigger from within, symptoms will result. Allergies come in many forms. A pet could be allergic to a particular food additive, giving them digestive troubles or a skin rash when a particular type of food is eaten. This may happen after using a particular grooming shampoo or medication as well. Many pets are allergic to flea bites. Pets even suffer from seasonal allergies, making it necessary to keep them away from plants or trees that emit pollen.

How An Allergy Is Diagnosed

It is important to let our Vet know about any symptoms your pet is suffering from to help them determine what type of allergic reaction they are having. Using the process of elimination is usually helpful in pinpointing exactly what is troubling a pet. For example, give a pet a food that they never have difficulty with for several days. Slowly introduce another food one at a time for several days in a row. If a symptom arises, that food may be the reason for the problem. This can be done by monitoring grooming products or by observing areas where seasonal allergies take place. A flea allergy is determined if the pet has bite marks and live parasites on their coat.

How Our Vet Can Help

Our vet will do a complete evaluation of your pet to determine exactly what is causing an allergy to occur. After the trigger is recognized, in addition to eliminating it from your pet's daily activities, it is best to use medication to stop rashes, digestive troubles, or respiratory problems so your pet does not suffer from discomfort. When the situation clears up, be on the lookout for further symptoms and bring your pet back for another checkup if needed.

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If you live in the Greensboro area, and you believe your pet is suffering from an Allergy, making an appointment with our Vet is best. Contact West Market Veterinary Hospital at (336) 292-4753 to find out more about treatment options available and to help keep your pet healthy.


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