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Veterinary surgery can improve a pet's quality of life or even save that life, depending on the circumstances. But if you need to schedule any kind of surgery for your beloved companion, you want to know that your Greensboro veterinarian has the skills, expertise and technology to do the best work possible. Here at West Market Veterinary Hospital, you can rest assured that Dr. Elizabeth Murray and Dr. Ron Murray can deliver the compassionate care and expert touch required for a wide range of surgical procedures, from routine sexual sterilization or skin tumor removal to emergency treatment.

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Spay and Neuter in Greensboro -- and Much More!

You might tend to think of surgery in life or death terms, but not every veterinary surgery treats serious diseases or injuries. For instance, many pet owners have pets they need to spay and neuter in Greensboro. Spaying and neutering prevents unwanted pregnancies, thus sparing you the need to care for or relocate litters of puppies or kittens. But it can also convey some serious health benefits. In addition to (literally) removing the threat of reproductive cancers, sexual sterilization also rids your pet of sexual frustration and hormonal shifts that can trigger aggressive or risky behaviors. Even the risk of dystocia (difficult pregnancy) is well worth avoiding if at all possible. 

But emergency situations can and do happen, and your Greensboro veterinarian is more than ready to rise to the challenge. We can use surgery to repair fractures, close large wounds and deliver litters via Cesarian section. We can also correct bloat, or gastric dilatation volvulus, a potentially deadly twisting of the digestive organs. No less valuable is our ability to remove internal and external tumors for biopsy, with additional surgery to remove cancerous tissue as needed.

Orthopedic surgery is another common type of veterinary surgery. We can repair a damaged knee joint, fuse vertebrae to relieve chronic pain and reconstruct hip joints for pets with dysplasia.

Offering Advanced Pet Radiosurgery

One important feature that sets our animal hospital apart from many others is that we offer a state-of-the-art surgical method known as pet radiosurgery. Radiosurgery uses high-frequency radio waves instead of a scalpel or laser to make incisions. This technique dramatically reduces bleeding, swelling, tissue damage, nerve damage and post-operative discomfort -- partly due to its extraordinary precision and partly because it cauterizes as it cuts. In fact, pet radiosurgery creates 30 percent less tissue damage than a modern surgical laser. We're delighted to be able to offer this advanced surgical service to our patients.

Cold Laser Therapy & Other Post-Operative Care

Your Greensboro veterinarian will continue to provide for your pet's recovery following surgery. For instance, we offer cold laser therapy as a means of relieving tissue pain without drugs and stimulating cellular repair. Call today to learn more and schedule your pet's surgery at our animal hospital!


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    I am very happy with both the office staff and the drs here. They’re patient and kind and helpful. They really care about the pets and what’s best for them.

    Kimberly A Plum

    I had a great experience here. Dr. Ron took the time to answer my long list of questions about my cats, was very knowledgeable, and explained everything clearly.

    Kaity Aigner