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West Market Veterinary Hospital is comprised of a dedicated group of Veterinarians and staff assisting the Greensboro North Carolina small animal community.

We provide full service Veterinary care including regular medical, emergency, and surgical care, as well as boarding for cats and dogs. Dr. Elizabeth Murray also provides care for pocket pets such as mice, rats, gerbils,hamsters, ferrets, and rabbits.

Our hospital is equipped with the latest technology in diagnostics and treatment, and our Doctors and staff remain up-to-date on medical advances and strive to practice at the highest level of the profession.

We are committed to a high level of medicine in a warm and compassionate environment, and we use many different treatments and therapies to help our patients thrive and regain their health as quickly as possible.

Pet Laser Therapy in Greensboro

Laser therapy uses light energy to stimulate the body’s tissues to heal. It effectively reduces inflammation which results in tissue healing and the reduction of pain. The laser energy enters the skin and is passed from cell to cell. Light energy is then converted to chemical energy helping “sick” cells to repair and to begin functioning normally. In this way, laser therapy is used to increase the speed, quality and strength of tissue repair, as well as resolve inflammation and reduce pain.

Laser therapy has been used effectively in human sports medicine for years. Animal response to this treatment has been shown to be significantly better than human response. It is an ideal therapy in large and small animal rehabilitation. Both acute and chronic inflammatory conditions involving skin, muscle, tendon, ligament, connective tissue and bone can be treated with laser therapy. It can be used in combination with traditional medical treatments or as an alternative to drugs.

At our hospital we have seen an excellent response in young dogs with hip dysplasia. These responses include increased function, agility and comfort as well as reducing the need for pain medications.

Many other conditions can be treated with laser therapy and we are looking forward to expanding its use in our clinic. Please Talk to Dr. Elizabeth Murray about a treatment plan for your pet.

Cold Laser Therapy Success Story: “Maddux”

He was a very lazy puppy from the start. As he grew older and gained more weight we noticed him having trouble with a few things. Going from a sitting position to a standing position was difficult for him, and he started to develop an arched back and he would shuffle his feet constantly when he walked. We decided to have an x-ray done on his hips. At 9 months old he was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia. From there we had to weigh our options. Surgery is expensive and the recovery time is hard and long. So the first thing we were recommended to do is to get him started on a glucosamine supplement. Then after speaking with the doctors some more we decided to do a Cold Laser Therapy. The laser therapy has changed his life. He is now more active and energetic than he ever was even as a puppy. We started him out at 3 times a week for the first week, then decreased to twice a week the next week. At this point he was jumping in the back of an SUV, he no longer shuffled his feet constantly (only after 1 hour of hard play did he start). So we decreased to 1 time a week for the next 3 weeks then decreased again to 1 time every other week due to an excellent response. We did 2 more treatments then we stopped them until he started to show any of the initial symptoms again. It has been 3 months since his last treatment and he has been doing great!


We recommend supplements for prevention, control, and support of many different healthcare problems in both dogs and cats. For many years we have observed their benefits in our veterinary patients. Not surprisingly,numerous medical studies are now demonstrating these same benefits in human medicine.



Should your pet require a procedure or treatment that we are not equipped to perform at our Greensboro veterinary hospital, rest assured that we will refer you to Carolina Veterinary Specialists located in Greensboro or North Carolina State Veterinary School in Raleigh, where there are board certified specialists who will provide exceptional care.


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    I am very happy with both the office staff and the drs here. They’re patient and kind and helpful. They really care about the pets and what’s best for them.

    Kimberly A Plum

    I had a great experience here. Dr. Ron took the time to answer my long list of questions about my cats, was very knowledgeable, and explained everything clearly.

    Kaity Aigner