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Puppy & Kitten Care With Your Veterinarian in Greensboro

Welcoming a new puppy or kitten into your home allows you to expand your family. The challenge is providing the appropriate care a young animal requires to stay healthy and active while he or she grows and develops. You want to work with a Greensboro veterinarian to ensure that your puppy or kitten stays healthy and has the right care for their situation and needs. At the West Market Veterinary Hospital, we offer the treatments your pet needs for their long-term health.

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Getting a Pet Wellness Exam in Greensboro

The first step of puppy and kitten care is a pet wellness exam in Greensboro. When you bring your pet to see a Greensboro veterinarian for an initial check-up and exam, you allow a professional to determine the current state of your pet's health. Based on the age and health of the puppy or kitten, we make recommendations in regards to vaccinations, dietary standards, exercise requirements and even spaying or neutering your pet. We focus on the needs of the kitten or puppy. We may also recommend medications or treatments to prevent pests and parasites at an early age.

Vaccinations From Your Animal Hospital in Greensboro Veterinarian

Pet vaccinations from an animal hospital in Greensboro veterinarian allow your pet to stay healthy through his or her life. Generally, your pet needs vaccinations to prevent the spread of common ailments and limit the risk of death at an early age. Core vaccines are a requirement for any puppy or kitten, but we may suggest additional vaccinations based on your lifestyle and the risks your pet faces. 

We generally suggest starting core pet vaccinations around six to eight weeks after birth as long as your puppy or kitten is healthy enough for the medications. Additional vaccines and boosters vary based on the needs of your pet and the type of medication, so we offer a vaccination schedule to help you maintain the health of your pet.

Surgical Procedures and Long-Term Health

Surgical procedures are not usually required at a young age, but we do recommend that you spay and neuter your pets to improve their long-term health and well-being. When you spay and neuter your dog or cat, you reduce the risk of certain cancers, unwanted behaviors and the risks associated with pregnancy. Male pets are less likely to roam and you usually see lower rates of aggression when the procedure is completed at a young age. 

The timing for spaying and neutering depends on the needs of your pet. Male cats can be neutered as young as eight weeks old and we recommend the procedure before your kitten turns five months old. For puppies, you can consider the procedure from eight weeks to nine months, depending on their health and breed. For female kittens and puppies, you want to spay them before they go into heat or before they turn five months old.

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