Pet Dermatology FAQs

Health and wellness for your pet do not mean skin irritation and rash. Therefore, red flaky skin at the spot your cat or dog scratches often is something that should be looked into, especially by a professional. Our veterinarians at West Market Veterinary Hospital in Greensboro encounter problems revolving around pet dermatology and some of the common questions we are asked include:

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Which Skin Conditions Are Common?

For cats, the most common skin conditions are dry skin, flaky skin, ear mites, lice, fleas, allergic dermatitis, ringworm, bacterial infections, sporotrichosis (a fungal condition), yeast infections, and hair loss.

Dog conditions you should look out for include: hair loss, allergies, grayish skin and coat, itchy skin, sores on the skin, dry skin, and hot spots.

What Are The Symptoms?

The symptoms vary depending on the specific skin condition affecting your dog or cat. Your pet may experience irritation, leading to itching and licking excessively. This may cause balding. The skin may develop a rash, looking swollen, red, and bumpy. Touching the affected area might be painful to your pet. Dermatology problems such as fleas or lice are sometimes visible on the fur.

When Is A Veterinarian Needed?

Your Greensboro veterinarian should be consulted when your pet is losing hair quickly, is developing bumpy skin, or is scratching and biting themselves excessively. West Market Veterinary Hospital can schedule an appointment with our veterinarian in Greensboro before the dermatology problem escalates.

How Can A Vet Treat Pet Skin Conditions?

A veterinarian provides clarity on what is the root cause of the skin condition through comprehensive diagnostic testing. After this, a suitable treatment plan is produced to combat the dermatology problem.

Treatment options vary, omega-6 fatty acids can be recommended for grayish skin or coat while medication can be prescribed for conditions arising from allergies. Pets with itchy and/or scaly spots may require oral medication. Mites, ticks, or fleas will be treated with separate medication as well.

How Can You Prevent Pet Dermatology Conditions In The Future?

To prevent skin conditions in your pet, you will need to protect your pet from the direct causes of the conditions. In the case of fleas or mites, do not let your pet wander into tall grasses where these parasites propagate. Allergy-related conditions can be prevented by keeping your pet away from allergy triggers. Grooming your pet also lowers the risk of developing any rash or irritation. 

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