Pet Dental FAQ

Would you believe the number one illness treated by our veterinarian in Greensboro is a dental disease? Without good dental care, approximately 68 percent of cats and dogs will develop periodontal disease by age 3.  This serious condition needs immediate treatment, and it all starts by bringing your furry friend for an annual Greensboro pet dental faq from your greensboro veterinarian

What is the Importance of Pet Dental Care?

Think of it this way: your pet’s mouth is the gateway to his or her body, and problems there can potentially affect the internal organs, such as the heart and kidneys. Without the good care delivered by our veterinarian, damaging plaque builds up on the teeth which in turn leads to periodontal disease.

Are There Dental Disease Symptoms?

If you gag when your pet opens his or her mouth, it is time for a pet dental exam? Foul breath is the number one indication of dental disease, but you could also see some blood in the mouth, tiredness, and reluctance to eat.

What’s the Best Way to Treat Dental Disease?

When pets come for their yearly exam, our vet will perform a visual inspection to identify any brewing periodontal disease problems and immediately schedule a Greensboro pet dental exam and cleaning. The dental exam and cleaning are performed under anesthesia to keep pets comfortable and enable the vet to perform the delicate procedure without intervention.  We clean and polish the visual portion of the teeth, removing harmful plaque and tartar, which left untreated, get under the gums, causing periodontal disease. Sometimes surgery is required for serious problems, including cleaning beneath the gum line and tooth removal. We may need to use our specialized x-ray equipment to identify these in-depth issues.  

Isn’t Anesthesia Dangerous?

This is a question we often get from pet owners, but the short answer is no, and here’s why. Before we administer anesthesia to any of our pet patients, we perform a thorough exam, sometimes including blood work, to ensure the pet has no undetected health concerns. Second, our equipment is stellar and our staff is highly trained and skilled. Third, we use the safest, pet-proven anesthesia products available today.

How Are Dental Problems Prevented?

The best treatment for a dental disease is prevention and this begins with pet dental care. This yearly inspection of your pet’s teeth and subsequent cleaning will keep plaque from developing and causing periodontal and other dental diseases. In addition, you can play your part at home with a daily brushing of your pet’s teeth. Our veterinarian will guide you in purchasing the products you need and the techniques to use.

Contact Our Veterinarian in Greensboro!

Proper pet dental care is often overlooked in many veterinary practices, but that’s not the case with your veterinarian in Greensboro. We want the best in health and happiness for all our pet patients. As a new client, give us a call to schedule a free consultation.


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