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Pet Dental

Healthy pets require active measures to prevent complications and concerns. When pet owners in Greensboro bring an animal into their home, they must take measures to limit risks with appropriate care and maintenance. Dog and cat tooth health plays an important role in the long-term health of an animal. Greensboro pet dental care offers a solution to prevent complications and keep an animal as healthy as possible.

Dog and vet after pet dental checkup in Greensboro

What is Pet Dental in Greensboro?

Pet dental care refers to any procedure used on a pet's teeth and gums to maintain good health. It is similar to any dental care because a professional evaluates the health of a pet's teeth and gums before developing a treatment strategy.

Since a large number of pets develop periodontal disease, pet owners should consider dental care for an animal on a regular basis. Pet teeth cleaning solutions prevent long-term health concerns and maintain health goals for an animal.

At West Market Veterinary Hospital, we use up-to-date diagnostic and treatment tools to keep an animal's teeth and gums as healthy as possible. Dental Cleaning is an important part of maintaining a healthy mouth and pet.

When to Consider Treatment

Visiting a Greensboro veterinarian for pet dental care depends on the needs of a pet. We recommend an annual visit to allow our doctors to evaluate your pet's dental needs. During a cleaning, we evaluate a pet's current health and teeth. During the diagnostic tests, we may discover health concerns and recommend additional treatments based on the needs of a pet.

Regular dental care helps prevent long-term health concerns and periodontal disease. It also prevents complications with a pet's health when bacteria from the teeth and gums travel to other areas of a pet's body. Recognizing when a pet needs treatment starts with determining the potential risks. It may be appropriate to consider initial diagnostics and cleanings at an early age to prevent complications with the teeth and gums.

Solutions for Long-Term Health

Health risks associated with poor dental hygiene in pets cause concern about a pet's overall well-being. Regular cleanings and maintenance prevent complications with pet health and provide solutions for long-term health.

Since pets often develop periodontal disease or related dental health concerns within three years of life, pet owners want to go through diagnostic screenings and cleanings at an early age. We also recommend at-home dental care for pets based on their situation and needs. The at-home care focuses on using appropriate tools to address dental needs between cleanings and helps prevent periodontal disease. An annual or bi-annual cleaning also reduces the risk of complications to a pet's health. We make suggestions for cleanings and treatment based on a pet's current health and situation.

Learn more about your pet’s dental health in Greensboro

Diagnosing a dental health concern begins with cleaning. At West Market Veterinary Hospital, we offer diagnostic screenings and dental treatments to prevent long-term health concerns and keep a pet's teeth and gums healthy throughout his or her life. For more information about our dental care services, contact us today.


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