Parasite Prevention & Control

Your pet's body may be playing host to unwelcome, dangerous invaders. Internal and external parasites may live off of your pet's blood and nutrients, returning the favor by transferring or creating serious or even life-threatening diseases. If you wish to safeguard your pet against the hazards threatened by fleas, ticks, worms and other parasites, you need to draw on the skilled veterinary expertise at West Market Veterinary Hospital. We're more than happy to provide your beloved companion with a lifetime of parasite prevention and control.

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The Dangers of Internal and External Parasites

When you think of animal parasites, fleas and ticks may be the first creatures that come to mind. Fleas are known to carry bubonic plague, cat scratch diseases, and haemobartonellosis; they can also infest your pet with tapeworms. Ticks transmit ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, and other diseases. The bites of these pests may also produce dermatitis, compelling your pet to scratch until open wounds develop -- an invitation to infection.

Internal parasites are no less harmful. Both roundworms and the aforementioned tapeworms steal vital nutrients from your pet's digestive system, causing multiple health problems in the process. Hookworms and whipworms take blood directly from the intestinal walls. One of the most devastating internal parasitic infestations of all is heartworm. These worms, which grow in the heart and lungs after being introduced to the body through mosquito bites, can cause catastrophic cardiopulmonary damage and death.

Your Greensboro Veterinarian Can Protect Your Pet

Your Greensboro veterinarians, Dr. Virginia Murray & Dr. Ron Murray, can save your pet from internal and external infestations. De-worming is a critical procedure for puppies and kittens, who are especially vulnerable to parasites' effects. A heartworm infestation can be extremely difficult to treat, which is why we recommend regular preventative medications to guard against these worms for life. As a nice fringe benefit, many of the same medications that guard against heartworm can also protect your pet against other types of worms.

Flea and tick infestations need to be nipped in the bud. Your Greensboro veterinarian can prescribe medicated baths and other treatments to get rid of these invaders. We'll then put your pet on a preventative program featuring some combination of topical solutions, oral drugs and/or medicated collars. Some flea and tick preventatives also double as heartworm preventatives; we can help select the best options for your pet, while also recommending best practices for keeping your household as pest-free as possible.

Let Your Animal Hospital In Greensboro Keep Your Pet Parasite-Free

Whether your pet needs help getting rid of a nasty parasite problem or you just want to keep such problems at bay for the rest of his life, our animal hospital in Greensboro has the answers. (We even offer a free consultation for our first-time patients!) Do your best friend a huge favor by calling (336) 292-4753 to schedule the necessary parasite prevention and control.


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