Hip Dysplasia

What to Know About Hip Dysplasia in Pets Supplied by a Greensboro, NC Veterinarian 

Hip dysplasia occurs when the hip forms abnormally, so your pet's hip joints rub and grind. Generally, it's thought to be a condition that affects only large breeds, but pets of any size may experience it. However, it's more common in large breeds. Since this condition causes pain and can affect your pet's mobility, it's vital to see a veterinarian at West Market Veterinary Hospital, serving Greensboro, NC, and the surrounding region.


About Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia may occur at birth or develop over time. It occurs when the ball and socket of the hip joint don't fit together. Therefore, they don't work as well as they should. If your pet has this condition, you may notice a decrease in his or her range of activity or range of motion. He or she may not want to climb steps, run, or jump. When you feel the joint, it may feel loose.

Hip dysplasia could even affect how your pet stands. Often, pets with hip dysplasia have a narrow stance. Your pet could also sway or hop when in motion. Larger pets are more at risk for this condition. Sometimes, the problem is present at birth, while at other times, it develops as a result of your pet's lifestyle.  

Diagnosing Hip Dysplasia 

Once you come into our Greensboro veterinary clinic, you discuss your pet's symptoms with us. Additionally, you'll need to obtain information about your pet's medical history. Our vet performs a physical evaluation of your pet's hip and legs. During the physical evaluation, our veterinarian practitioner may have your pet walk and will assess his or her gait. 

Further testing is often necessary to diagnose hip dysplasia. For instance, our vet may perform blood work to assess for inflammation. In most cases, we perform an x-ray to evaluate your pet's hip. This helps us diagnose the condition and evaluate the severity of your pet's condition. 

Treatment for Hip Dysplasia 

Our Greensboro veterinary physician may recommend lifestyle modifications as part of your pet's care plan. For example, we may recommend a weight loss plan. Some pets require alterations to their current exercise regimen. It's also possible our treatment will consist of physical therapy. A prescription for an NSAID or corticosteroids may help combat pain. Your pet could also benefit from a joint fluid modifier. If this vet care alone isn't enough, our vet may advise your pet to undergo surgery. 

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