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National Immunization Awareness Month

Celebrate National Immunization Awareness Month with Pet Vaccinations in Greensboro

At West Market Veterinary Hospital, our staff and veterinarians celebrate National Immunization Awareness Month in August by educating our community about the importance of pet vaccinations in Greensboro. Vaccines prevent your cats and dogs from contracting highly contagious and seriously dangerous diseases by injecting them with a solution which contains antigens, small particles which resemble common viruses. Your pet's immune system then learns to recognize these viruses and builds up a resistance to the disease, ensuring he or she will be able to fight off viruses, rather than succumbing to them, when encountered later in life. 

We provide a complete list of core and non-core vaccines for cats and dogs. Core vaccinations include those which are required by law and those which guard against the most common and most dangerous diseases such as rabies, feline and canine distemper, and parvovirus. Non-core vaccinations protect your pet against illnesses which might only be encountered if they are outdoor pets or if they spend a lot of time around other cats and dogs, such as feline leukemia and canine influenza. national immunization awareness month from your veterinarian in greensboro

Understanding Which Pet Vaccines Your Cat or Dog Should Have

During a puppy or kitten's first appointment, our veterinarian discusses which pet vaccines are necessary to safeguard your pet's wellness. Young pets receive initial vaccinations and booster shots on a more frequent schedule than adult cats and dogs who require annual boosters for certain vaccines. We will work with you to determine necessary vaccines and establish your pet's vaccination schedule.

Schedule an Appointment for Greensboro Pet Vaccinations Today!

Preventative wellness, including vaccinations, wellness exams, healthy diet, and regular exercise, is the best gift to give your pet. Preventative medicine always proves less expensive than the financial and emotional cost of treatment for a sick pet. Our West Market Veterinary Hospital veterinarians invite you to celebrate National Immunization Awareness Month by scheduling an appointment for Greensboro Pet Vaccinations for your cat or dog. To schedule an appointment or consultation for your pet contact our office at (336) 292-4753. 

Have your pets received any non-core vaccinations?


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