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How to Prepare For Your First Road Trip With Your Pet

How to Prepare For Your First Road Trip With Your Pet With West Market Veterinary Hospital In Greensboro, NC

Hitting the open highway with a dog or cat in tow can be a scary process. Being prepared for pet road trips in advance of leaving your home can help make your pet comfortable while in an unfamiliar place. Be sure to give a call to our veterinarian at West Market Veterinary Hospital in Greensboro to have your pets evaluated before taking a road trip. In addition, try the following travel tips to keep your pet safe and happy while away from home.

dog sitting in the passenger side of a car

Prepare Your Vehicle For The Trip

If your pet will be riding in the front passenger seat, be sure to disable your airbag in this area so your pet remains safe should a fender bender occur? It is best to keep your pet on a leash or inside a carrier for their protection. At no time should your pet be completely free in a vehicle as they could cause you to become distracted at the wheel.

Bring Along Any Necessary Items

Before leaving on your trip, make sure you have necessities packed for the excursion. Purchase food that your pet eats regularly rather than relying on finding it at a grocery or pet store away from home. Altering your pet's diet could lead to digestive problems. Make sure your pet has toys to keep it entertained while in a vehicle as well.

Have Your Pet Looked Over By Our Veterinarian

Our veterinarian will conduct a full evaluation of your pet to determine whether it is healthy enough for a trip away from home. If your dog or cat suffers from anxiety or motion sickness, our veterinarian will prescribe medication to make your pet comfortable while in transit. Immunization administration is also handled during an evaluation if necessary.

Contact West Market Veterinary Hospital In Greensboro, NC Today!

If you are preparing for a road trip, make an appointment with our veterinarian at West Market Veterinary Hospital in Greensboro for a check-up first. Our staff will provide more travel tips for your pets making pet road trips easy and fun in the future. Call us at (336) 292-4753.


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